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The ZOOM class 10.2021 is closed. But you can still download all Halloween recipes and watch all video tutorials with step by step instructions for free. All recipes and videos are in Japanese. You are free to share all recipes and videos with family and friends. Have fun cooking and baking.

ZOOMクラス10.2021は終了しました。現在でも、すべてのハロウィーンレシピのダウンロードと、ステップバイステップのビデオチュートリアルを無料で見ることが出来ます。レシピや動画はすべて日本語です。家族や 友人と、自由にすべてのレシピやビデオを共有することが出来ます。料理やお菓子作りを楽しんでください。


Happy Halloween!

At the end of October it’s that time again … on 31.October is Halloween.
Unfortunately, many parties will not take place this year because of Corona.
So that we all still have a great evening and meet great people, I have organized for all of us this special event. Let’s make it an unforgettable fantastic Halloween despite Corona restrictions!
I know that last year was accompanied by many cutbacks and losses for most of us. So that everyone can participate, no matter where you are, whether you have time that evening or not, this event is completely free and without pre-registration!

I would be happy to welcome you all on

2021, October 31, from 6-9 pm

at ZOOM for the Halloween Party.
Let’s make a delicious party dinner and dessert together, eat, talk and laugh.

You can find detailed info about the schedule, recipes and more further down the page.


The first time I ate this salad, I myself was very surprised how delicious it is.

This way salad tastes great even on cold days.
Thanks to the pumpkin and chickpeas, the salad is very filling, contains a lot of fiber, healthy vitamins and minerals.

The pumpkin is still slightly tender in the middle and has a nice roasted flavor.

An absolutely perfect autumn recipe.

A very special autumn quiche.
Filled with grated Gruyere cheese, grated pumpkin and aromatic sun-dried tomatoes.
And as a very special topping, roasted pumpkin seeds on top.

It is very tasty fresh warm from the oven with a salad, for example for dinner, or cold for on the road in the lunch box.

These cupcakes are a must have for the fall season!
They are super moist and full of the typical pumpkin spice mixture that makes these cupcakes very aromatic.

The irresistibly creamy topping is made with cream cheese and a touch of almond flavoring and maple syrup.

For a Halloween party, you can also decorate them very nicely with chocolate spider webs or meringue ghosts.

These meringue ghosts are the eye-catcher on every Halloween buffet!

They are super cute and you can use them to decorate other cakes or cupcakes.

Also, they are very easy to make and are therefore very suitable to make them together with children.

Give your meringue ghosts their own unique facial expressions and characters and bake your very own little ghost family.

If you like it even spookier, you can also color them with food coloring, for example green.

This is a basic spice mix that is used in many fall and Halloween recipes along with the pumpkin cream.
It can also be used for Christmas sweets.

This pumpkin cream is an important base recipe for many fall dishes such as pumpkin pie, pumpkin muffins, pralines, and drinks, and is usually used in combination with the pumpkin spice mix.

Below are FREE Video Tutorials for all recipes!!

If you liked the recipes & videos, please feel free to share them with you family and friends!

!Happy Halloween!


Here you can find all information concerning:

  • How and when to get the recipes
  • How and when to watch the video tutorials
  • How you can access the ZOOM Party, what will happen during the party and what you should prepare for it (e.g. ingredients)

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