05.2021 & 08.2022

German Sunday Morning Breakfast - BestOf German Bread -

This is the first of many bread classes, in which I want to teach you traditional and modern, famous and unknown, German bread.

I will start with some of the most famous and popular recipes, like pretzels.

The topic this this month is “German Sunday morning breakfast”. Germans love their breakfast. We like taking our time and especially on weekends we enjoy preparing breakfast tables which might look like a brunch buffet. We like choosing between many different types of bread, rolls, sweet and sour bread toppings.

After completing this class you will be able to prepare a perfect German Sunday morning breakfast for your family and friends

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A light rye bread without sourdough. Great for people who don`t like sour bread and prefer the milder versions. Very easy to bake! No long preparations needed!

A great bread for healthy sandwiches

A very juicy bread since it`s made with a big cup of milk.

サワー種無しライ麦パン rye bread without sour dough Graubrot ohne Sauerteig

This is a very beautiful roll, which is especially in southern Germany and Austria a very traditional and popular bread.

You can eat it with jam as well as with cheese or ham.

It`s also nice as a sandwich lunch bento.

Kaisersemmel カイザーロールパン

Maybe the most famous German bread all over the world! In English you call it “pretzel”, but the correct original German spelling is “Brezel”. This, too, like the Kaisersemmel is popular all over Germany, but is a traditionally southern German bread recipe.

Brezel Pretzel プレッツェル

These are 2 very common and popular Brezel variations, which you can get in most bakeries and also many supermarkets.

One variation is an about 15cm long bread stick made of the basic Brezel dough. This can additionally be filled with bacon and fried onion and topped with pizza cheese

The second variation is mini sized Brezel rolls, which you can eat with 1-2 bites and top with your favorite seeds.

Laugenstange Brezel Pretzel プレッツェルスティック

A perfect bread for gluten intolerant people since it is made WITHOUT flour!

A real booster for your nutrition balance, since it has a high variety of ingredients rich in minerals und vitamins … e.g. carrots, cottage cheese, almond powder and eggs.

It is also a high speed bread! You can finish everything, mixing the dough and baking, in only 1 hour! Know kneading!

タンパク質パン Fitnessbrot Eiweissbrot Protein Bread

This is one of my personal most favorite bread recipes, “Franzbrötchen”.

Usually, you can only get it in northern Germany, like Hamburg or Lübeck. If you were in Berlin or Munich, you won`t find it.

It´s a special version of a cinnamon roll with lots of butter, sugar and, of course, cinnamon.

Hamburger Franzbroetchen Cinnamon Roll 北ドイツのシナモンロール

A nice egg salad. A perfect topping for the Kaisersemmel or rye bread.

Also great for egg sandwich lunch bento.

Eiersalat Egg Salad 卵サラダ

A very traditional classic bread topping, which you can find in any supermarket in Germany. Great for strong flavored bread, like sour dough breads. Also great with a nice bottle of beer.

Fleischsalat Sausage Salad ソーセージサラダ

Scrambled egg can be found around the world. The recipe I prepared for you is very typical for northern Germany. I learned it from my dad who created his own version.

Ruehrei mit Speck und Zwiebel Scrambled Egg with Bacon and Egg ベーコンと玉ねぎのスクランブルエッグ

Granola is a typical and fast breakfast for busy days. But granola sold in supermarkets is very high in calories.

I want to show you, how you can create your own healthy, crunchy, delicious granola in under 1 hour!

You can also create a completely organic version.

In many countries, like Japan, people enjoy eating cut fruits.

In Germany we traditionally take it one step further and like preparing fruits as salads. It can be a refreshing breakfast, light lunch or desert. You can enjoy it pure or with plain yoghurt and your homemade granola.

Obstsalat Fruits Salad フルーツサラダ

How about baking some unique, juicy and crunchy cupcakes with your homemade granola?

Fresh yoghurt in the dough and the glaze give it a refreshing light taste.

Granola Yoghurt Cupcake グラノーラとヨーグルトのカップケーキ


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