Who am I? ... Antonia Sato


Who is the person behind Konagami?....

Thank you for your interest in me and Konagami. I would like to introduce myself briefly.

I am a mom of 2 very sweet, but also sometimes quite stubborn, funny, creative little girls.

Originally from Detuschland, I have lived in Japan for longer periods of time since my high school days. This has made me appreciate and love the country, the people, traditions and especially the food in Japan.

I studied international business and management with marketing. But since I come from a family of teachers (my great-great-grandfather was already a school principal), I turned my back on the free economy and am now doing what I believe to be my true talent…working as a teacher.

I have been teaching German cooking professionally since 2016. In 2019 I started to work additionally as a high school teacher and from 2023 I will work as a college lecturer.

If you want to know more, just click the button below for my resume or scroll down to learn even more about my motivation, special skills and previous publications.

3 Generations (1955): my mother, grandmother and great-grandmother

Why I started this project

Since I was little I have always stood in the kitchen with my grandmother or mother. Food has always had a high value in my family. I associate with many traditional dishes many beautiful childhood memories.

Since my grandma was even a home economics and cooking teacher and my great-grandmother also highly valued good German cuisine, I was taught a lot of traditional preparation methods, recipes and tastes by my grandma. I want to preserve this knowledge of healthy, traditional cuisine. And the more people in the world I share this knowledge, this enthusiasm and these memories of my grandma and German traditions, in the more families these traditions live on and experience appreciation, the better I pass on the heritage of my grandma and great-grandma to the next generation and keep it from being forgotten.

Since many people in Japan are interested in German culture and cuisine, but only very few have had the opportunity to enjoy really good authentic German food, I wanted to start this project. Especially in big Japanese cities you can always find German restaurants, bakeries and Oktoberfests. Unfortunately, the food there is very overpriced and most of the time it tastes very bad and anything but authentic German.

In order to show people how delicious real German food tastes and how quickly and easily they can cook and bake traditional and modern German dishes even in Japan, even in a stressful everyday life, even with Japanese ingredients, even in a small simply equipped kitchen, I have started to organize cooking classes.

With each new menu, I try not only to teach my students again many delicious, healthy and simple recipes, but also always to convey a piece of culture and history of Germany…..

…. because in Germany there are not only Oktoberfests, Bavarian beer gardens, sausages, pretzels and stollen!…

… There are also great dishes in other regions, like North German fish dishes or German “Schäbische Maultaschen”.

Special skills

Teaching in 3 languages: Japanese, English and German
German Cooking & Baking
  • traditional recipes prepared in various ways: traditional way ingredients and modern adaptation with modern ingerdients and kitchen tools
  • modern recipes
  • bread and cake baking
  • teaching a balanced nutrition
  • explaining complicated methods in an easy to understand detailed way
  • adapting professional difficult recipes for amateurs with limited experience and limited access to special ingredients and tools
Japanese Cooking & Baking
  • teaching the most famous and popular traditional and modern Japanese homestyle cooking recipes
  • teaching the most popular bread to be found in japanese bakeries
  • create authentic japanese dishes outside of Japan with local non-japanese ingredients

Online Classes

here you can find all available classes as well as exclusive previews for future classes

Curriculum Vitae

04.2002 – 02.2003
08.2005 – 07.2006
09.2008 -01-2009
03.2009 – 09.2009
09.2006 – 05.2011
02.2007 – 05.2008 & 05.2010 – 05.2013
10.2011 – 03.2014
09.2013 – 06.2014
07.2014 – 02.2015
5.2016 – Today

Birth of Hanna Ilse Sato, Tokio, Japan

First Daughter


Birth of Emilie Annemarie Sato, Preetz, Germany

Second Daughter

05.2019 – 07.2020
Since 11.2020
05.2023 – 10.2024
05.2023 – 10.2024

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