German Summer Picnic - bread without sour dough -

During summer time people in Germany love to spend their time in the nature:…

On the balcony, in the garden, in the park, at the beach or in the woods.

Picnic in the open countryside

BBQ at home or at the beach

beach party


a trip on the bicycle

and more…

What is best when spending time outside is eating snacks. There are many typical side dishs for a picnic or BBQ we have in Germany. We always prepare salads, like pasta salad or potato salad. We usually have different types of bread and dips for it. Also mini hamburgers, cheese sticks, fresh fruits and vegetables.

Germans love variation! When we meet for picnics or BBQs everybody brings something. In the end it is always like a big buffet under the blue sky.

With this menu you will be able to create your own german style picnic! And you will get a lot of ideas for recipe variations and how you can integrate the recipes in your daily life.

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This is a light fresh summer cocktail. The basic ingredients are red wine and cut fruits, like oranges and apples.

This kind of cocktail is popular since the 1960th.

With some additional ingredients you can upgrade this cocktail to a beautiful Sunrise Cocktail.

Bringing a whole big cake to a picnic is pretty difficult. And eating a big piece of cake while enjoying a picnic or hiking is very inconvenient.

This is a great solution!

A light lemon cookie and a fresh strawberry cheese cake filling.

Cookies are not only nice during the x-mas season.

This is a light and fresh cookie great for hot summer days. Not only nice for a picnic but also for example with a chilled cup of tee during teatime.

Fresh and slightly sour  homemade lemon curd in the middle of a lemon and rosemary cookie.

Fruit Roll Ups are a very healthy snack and great sweets for little kids. They are also called fruit leather. Fruit Roll Ups are healthy  strings of dried fruits. They are sweet and sour. You can mix all your favorite fruits together, e.g. strawberries and bananas, apricot and honey melon, mango. It`s a perfect dessert for a school lunch box, hiking or picnics.

Mini hamburgers are a perfect sidedish at almost all occasions. You can bring them to a picnic, prepare them for a party buffet, put them in a lunch box or prepare them fresh and hot as a sidedish for your lunch. They are easy to prepare and you can keep them for months in the freezer. That way you can always easily enjoy your homemade mini hamburgers.

A super juicy and creamy little cheese tartes with a lot of cheese, tasty bacon and tomatoes. Since they are made with store bought puff pastry you can prepare them in only 30 minutes!

At almost every BBQ and picnic in Germany you can find at least one pasta salad and one potato salad. For this menu I prepared the most classic pasta salad recipe that you can find in Germany. It`s the most popular pasta salad for over 50 years!

Green peas, a lot of cheese, pork sausage, macaroni, pickled cucumber etc. with a mayonnaise based dressing.

In each family you can find another recipe variation. This is my personal most favorite variation.

This cream is like a a deluxe version of mashed potatoes.

It`s a perfect match for the black beer bread, but also for other types of strong flavored rye breads and sour dough breads. It´s also nice as a dip for vegetable sticks, for example carrot sticks.

You can also enjoy it as a little potato salad in your lunch box.

This is besides butter the most classic topping for pretzels!

Obatzda has been a very famous and popular bread topping in Southern Germany, Bavaria, for over 100 years. If you went to a beer garden in Munich you would definitely find it on their menu.

You typically enjoy it as a second breakfast or light lunch together with a pretzel and a beer.

It´s a cream made with camembert, cream cheese or sour creme, onion,  caraway, beer and some other ingredients.

It has a rather strong flavor and is therefore a great dip for the black beer bread, rye bread and other sour dough bread.

This kind of a light yoghurt dip is yet another classic recipe for picnics, garden parties and BBQ.

You can buy it in big 500g buckets everywhere!

It is made with a lot of fresh yoghurt, chilled cucumber, lemon juice, garlic, dill and more. Since it is very juicy and light, it`s a great summer dish.

You can use it as a dip for vegetable sticks, but also for the pesto bread, baguette or ciabatta. On top of that it is the most popular dip for oven potatoes. Furthermore, you can also use it as a sauce for homemade kebab!

Not only my kids love these crispy and long bread sticks, but also my friends with a nice glass of red wine and some cheese.

You can bake them plain, but also with rosemary and sesame, cheese or tomato, black olives and oregano.

The plain sticks are also great for chocolate fondues. But you can also dip them in chocolate, let the chocolate harden, and enjoy it like gigantic homemade pocky sticks!

This is one of the most popular recipes I have taught in my cooking school!

Salty bacon, sweet fried onions and a big bottle of black beer combined in one bread. This bread has a very rich flavor, is fluffy and juicy.

You can enjoy it plain, with butter, with the dips provided in this menu, cheese and more.

You can toast it or prepare it as a special sandwich for your lunch box.

It is also a nice dinner with a chilled beer, salad and for example some scrambled eggs or fried sausages.

It is a perfect bread and great for absolute baking novices!

You don`t have to knead, only mix with a big spoon!

You only need baking powder, no yeast or sour dough!

Therefore you can make the whole bread within 1 hour!

Yet another very classic recipe. This kind of bread can be found at many birthday party buffets and BBQs since the 1980s!

It`s called party sun, since it`s shaped like a sun and is usually prepared for parties.

It consists of 20-50 mini bread rolls with various types of toppings.

Kids as well as adults love that bread! It is not only very beautiful, but since the bread rolls are very small, you can try out man different types of bread toppings.

These small bread rolls can also be used for making mini hamburgers together with the hamburger recipe provided in this menu. These mini hamburgers are great for kids, but also a special surprise in a lunch box.

For the pesto flower bread recipe you need pesto.

These two recipes are very basic pesto recipes with a lot of fresh basil, good olive oil, parmesan cheese and roasted pine nuts.

The red pesto is a special pesto with additionally tomato and red wine in it.

Besides the pesto flower there are countless other recipes for which you can use the pesto sauces: as a base for salad dressings, pasta sauce, for fried vegetables and more.

In the last 5 years this bread became very popular in the social media! You usually cannot buy this bread at a bakery since it is a very new and modern recipe!

You use a lot of green pesto and, if you like, you can additionally use red pesto.

You can eat it plain or with butter or with a light dip like the cucumber yoghurt dip.

There are countless other delicious recipes and snacks you can prepare for a picnic.

You can bring chocolate and potato chips, edamame and fried chicken karaage, onigiri and sandwiches. You can bring fresh green salads, cut fruits and vegetable sticks.

Two other classic side dishes you can find on garden party buffets or picnics are cheese and mozzarella sticks. These are not only easy to eat, but also easy and fast to make.


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