A year full of Love


Let’s start into the new year 2021 with lots of love! Valentine’s Day is coming on February 14th. What is better for showing your affection to someone by preparing a very special homemade present. And, since it’s Valentine’s day, we traditionally need a lot of chocolate for that.

And don’t be afraid, making cute and delicious little chocolate treats does not always have to be super difficult, take a lot of time and cost a fortune! … I want to teach you many big and small chocolate gifts, which even people without experience in baking and without a big kitchen can easily prepare.

But, be careful! These sweets are so delicious and irresistible, that you might want to keep them all for yourself.

I also want to show you, that Valentine’s Day chocolate does not always have to be pralines. There are so many other great presents you can make with chocolate.

Besides nice Tea and Coffee pralines, how about a homemade chocolate liqueur?

And for your friends and kids, how about a sparkly colorful rainbow chocolate or for dessert a warm little chocolate cake with melted chocolate hidden inside?

Or how about a gorgeous world famous Sacher Torte … which you can also use for hiding a special ring in the decoration.

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This is a recipe, which you can prepare in under 5 minutes! No cooking or baking needed!

You only need a handful of ingredients for this delicious unique liqueur. It is sweet `n creamy  and also great for people who are weak when it comes to alcohol. It is best served on ice.

Even though this is a quite simple praline recipe, it is very special. It is made with dark chocolate and black tea, which give it a not too sweet and lovely taste.

For this praline you only need 3 ingredients, which most of us have at home … dark chocolate, white chocolate and instant coffee. No long preparations needed!

Dark chocolate and coffee are a really great match. This praline is not too sweet and with the white chocolate it has a nice contrast between the strong rough coffee dark chocolate and the melty lovely white chocolate. This praline is not only nice for Valentine`s Days! It tastes great with a cup of coffee and is also a great birthday or x-mas present.

This is a very traditional and basic German cookie recipe. It is a classic cookie recipe used for baking cookies with kids for x-mas or for baking simple butter cookies for tea time around the whole year.

For this Valentine class I created a special version of this recipe! Just by adding some melted white or dark chocolate, yam, some red food coloring or cocoa powder in the dough you can create THOUSANDS of variations! Cute heart shaped cookies … simple or as cookie sandwiches, smalls, big or with a heart shaped heart in the middle, filled with sweet or sour jam, covered in chocolate …  what ever you can image … possibilities are ENDLESS!!

This kind of chocolate bark is sold in many department stores, but, to be honest, always at quite high prices. Did you know, that you can easily and pretty cheap make your own chocolate bars at home??

For this one I used pistachio, cranberries and sea salt. But there are countless variations … how about using smoked almonds, roasted hazel nuts and dry apricots or roasted sun flower seeds and dried raspberries? Be creative and create your own special delicious chocolate bark.

This chocolate is the DREAM of all little and big girls!!!

It`s colorful like a rainbow, tons of sprinkles, sparkling, pink, creamy and sweet. 

White chocolate mixed with various light food colors. After creating a beautiful marble chocolate mirror you top it with all kinds of sprinkles and glitter … the MORE the BETTER!

When kids see this chocolate, their eyes sparkles as much as the chocolate does.

When eating pudding in Japan, it`s usually vanilla pudding. But when you ask Germans, what they usually eat, it`s 50/50. Half of them prefer vanilla pudding and the other half prefers chocolate pudding.

It`s fast and easy to make and also a great way of using all the left over chocolate from e.g.  x-mas and easter … just cut your chocolate Santa’s and easter bunnies in small pieces and melt it in the hot pudding cream.

You can enjoy it fresh made still hot or cooled down from the fridge. It is a nice dessert topped with whipped cream. But you can also use it as a filling for e.g. doughnuts or eclairs.

Cream puffs are a very traditional German pastry. In Japan they are traditionally filled with custards cream, but in Germany there are countless variations.

How about filling it with dark chocolate pudding for Valentine`s Day?

Why not make a small cup cake for your beloved ones instead of baking a big cake?

Red Velvet Cupcakes are known and loved around the world and are the perfect match for Valentine`s Day.

A lovely light chocolate flavored red cup cake and a creamy, white creme cheese cream topping.

Kids as well as adults, girls as well as boys, EVERYBODY simply loves this cup cake!

If you are searching for a cup cake, which is richer in chocolate than the Red Velvet Cupcake, I would like to show you this lovely cupcake … a Chocolate Milk Cupcake.

A cupcake made with dark chocolate topped with a white chocolate cream topping. Sprinkled with gold colored glitter and sprinkles this cupcake becomes a gorgeous elegant little pastry.

Since this is a raw unbaked cheese cake it is great for people, who don`t have an oven at home.

I created this recipe for Valentine`s Day to give you a grown up  cake, which suites the taste of adults and men pretty well. The secret is rum and freshly grated orange peel. The TASTE of GROWN UP LOVE!

Sour crème gives it a fresh and creamy taste

A reduction of sugar keeps it light and soft

Rum and orange peel make it perfect with a hint of warm and sparkly bitterness

Black `n White, plain decoration …  sending a straight forward message …. LOVE 

Volcano cake … this is a sweet little chocolate cake with a surprise hidden inside.

After only baking it for about 11 minutes the cake is already ready to serve, best with hot cherry sauce, whipped cream and vanilla ice cream. A perfect dessert for rounding up a perfect Valentine`s Day dinner.

The outside of the cake is fluffy and a bit crispy, and in the middle of the cake is a core of sweet warm melted chocolate. When eating the cake and digging in with a spoon the liquid chocolate comes flowing out of the cake like lava from a volcano. This will be a great surprise for your guests!

Sacher Torte is, I guess, the highlight of this menu. Since 2016 many students ask me for this recipe. Finally, I can keep my promise and show you how to make this beautiful cake.

Sacher Torte is world famous and originally a recipe created in the Sacher Hotel in Vienna, Austria.

I adapted the recipe to Japan, so that you can easily bake it in a normal Japanese kitchen with ingredients from a normal Japanese supermarket.

This cake SCREAMS CHOCOLATE! There is not only a lot of chocolate in the dough, but the cake is also topped with a thick chocolate coating. But the secret for the special Sacher Torte taste is lots of apricot jam.

Usually, the decoration of the Sacher Torte is very simple, but for this Valentine`s Day class, I created a special decoration. If you intend to give a special ring to your special one you can beautifully arrange it in the big rose on top of the cake.


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