Valentine`s Day Dinner

Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love. It is a time to spend a special time with your loved ones or spouse. In German, there is a saying, “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” It means that a good meal is a sign of love, and it is a way to awaken and sustain the love of your loved one.

This year, I have developed a very special three-course menu for an unforgettable candlelight dinner. In addition, you will also find recipes for small chocolate gifts for friends and family.

Candlelight Dinner Menu:

Starter: Crispy breadsticks, fruity salad, creamy eggs, freshly baked baguette with liver parfait, fish soup with white wine and fried shrimp.

Main dish: traditional German beef rolls (stuffed with pickles), homemade traditional spaetzle pasta, red cabbage, and Brussels sprouts with roasted almonds.
Also served with cheese Spaetzle, a variation of spaetzle, for those who like melted cheese.

Dessert: Small warm chocolate cakes with hot cherries and melted chocolate, or a slice of the famous Sachertorte.

Gifts: learn how to easily make chocolates for family and friends with lots of ingredients that taste and look like something you would buy in a fancy department store.

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Not only do my kids love these crispy long breadsticks, but adults also love to eat breadsticks as a snack with red wine for example.
You can bake them plain, but they can also be baked with rosemary, sesame seeds, cheese, or tomatoes, black olives and oregano.
Plain sticks are also great for chocolate fondue.
On top of that, you can dip them in chocolate and
 enjoy them as giant homemade pocky sticks!

This fresh and fruity salad is made with pomegranate seeds, apples, roasted walnuts and bacon, and a fresh raspberry vinaigrette. This dressing is very tasty for summer salads and can also be used as a sauce for grilled chicken on a BBQ.

With six ingredients that you always have on hand in your kitchen, it is very easy to bake a delicious baguette in only two hours. It has a crispy texture and is very moist and soft inside. Once you bake this bread, you will never buy a baguette from the supermarket again. It can be eaten as a side dish with soup, with salad, or as a sandwich lunch. It is delicious with cheese or sausage, or even with honey or jam.

Liver parfait is a special side dish. It is prepared at large, expensive buffets or special breakfasts during celebrations such as weddings and holidays such as Christmas. In Germany,  bread with liver paste is very popular and can be eaten anytime. However, compared to simple liver paste, parfait is much creamier and is made with a lot of fresh, high-quality liver and special ingredients such as port wine. The traditional way to eat it is with toasted bread or baguette with fruity jam.

Not only Japanese but also Germans love eggs.  Even 50 years ago, these stuffed eggs were very popular and could be found on every buffet. They are delicious plain or with smoked salmon and dill, caviar and olives, or anchovy fillets.

Northern Germany has two seas: the North Sea and the Baltic Sea. Therefore, there are many fish recipes in Northern Germany. This soup can be made with salmon or any other fish of your choice and white wine. The highlight is the grilled shrimps on top of the soup.

This is a very old German recipe. My grandmother used to make it as a special Sunday lunch, and my father likes to make and eat it too. The meat is stuffed with pickled cucumbers, bacon, onions and mustard. It is similar in size and shape to cabbage rolls. The sauce is made with a lot of red wine and vegetables.

Red cabbage is a side dish that goes very well with red meat dishes, such as duck or beef stew. A lot of apples, juice, wine, and spices are used to make this very juicy cabbage.

My kids usually don’t like Brussels sprouts at all. However, they love these Brussels sprouts. They are tender, sweet, and have no bitterness. The almond butter gives the Brussels sprouts a lot of umami.

Spaetzle is a very old dish that used to be eaten mainly in southern Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The shaping is totally different from regular Italian pasta. It can be made with a chopping board and a dough scraper instead of using a rolling pin.

It is the most famous and popular spaetzle dish in Switzerland, Austria and southern Germany. The hot finished spatzle are mixed with a lot of grated cheese and topped with a lot of caramelized onion rings. It goes very well with a fresh salad and a cold beer or red wine.

This has been a very popular dessert for the past 10 years. Without a long prep time, the freshly mixed cake can be baked in 15 minutes directly after the main dish. While it is still hot, there is a surprise of chocolate batter pouring out from inside like lava. It goes well with hot, juicy cinnamon cherries, whipped cream and vanilla ice cream.

When most people think of chocolate cake, the world-famous “Sacher Torte” probably comes to mind. The original recipe from the Hotel Sacher in Vienna is a big secret, a secret recipe known only to the hotel’s chefs. This is a variation of the recipe based on what we know about the original recipe. What makes this chocolate cake special is not only the famous Hotel Sacher name, but also the fact that it uses a lot of apricot jam. This makes it juicier than the usual chocolate cake.

Choco-bark is always sold in upscale department stores in Japan. There are countless variations: smoked almonds and mini pretzels, pistachios and green tea, chili peppers and rose petals. In department stores, these chocolates are very expensive, but you can make them yourself at home very quickly, easily, and cheaply. This recipe shows you how to make the basic chocolate and variations using different ingredients such as nuts, dried strawberries and apricots, matcha and spices.

When it comes to Valentine’s Day gifts, chocolate is the standard. This chocolate is very creamy and has a special light floral flavor from the black tea.


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