After Xmas comes New Year

This is the second xmas class in 2020.

One highlight is a very rare recipe and my original creation … a chocolate stollen.

Furthermore I have some more nice recipes, with which you can make easily personalized sweet little presents for xmas.

But don’t forget: right after xmas comes New Year!

This year I’m gonna introduce to you one of the 2 most popular recipes for New Year’s Eve dinner and the most popular dessert for that special night … Raclette and Berliner doughnuts.

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This nice little treat keeps you warm on cold days … put it in a thermos and you have all you need for a nice walk in the snow with your loved ones, enjoying the sparkling xmas decorations and illuminations everywhere.

It’s like a deluxe version of the classic hot wine … red wine with dark rum, fresh lemon and orange, lots of spices and juicy raisins and whole almond!

You can drink it hot or even cold in summer … it tastests a bit like a nice fresh sangria cocktail

It’s also great as a xmas present

Weihnachtspunsch Glühwein Hot Wine ホットワイン

One of the worlwide most famous xmas sweets is the German stollen cake. There are countless recipes and variations … with marzipan, cottage cheese, poppy seed paste filling amd lots more!

This chocolate stollen is an absolute rarety!!!

Not only are there only a few high class bakeries, which sell these delicacies, but this is a special recipe, which i invented for this class only!!

Lots of cocoa, roughly chopped dark chocolate pieces, almonds, fresh orange peel and candied orange peel and, of course, the special stollen spices …

Once you tried it, you cannot stop eating it!

Schokostollen チョコシュトレン

Mmmm, soooo good …

Mmmm, soooo creamy …

To describe these pralines with only one word … DELICIOUS

Melty sweet chocolate pralines with a hint of cinnamon

A perfect little homemade xmas present, which takes only 15 minutes to make!

But be carefull: they are sooo good and addictive, that they might be gone, even before you had the chance of giving them away as a present.

シナモンプラリネ Cinnamon Praline Zimt Praline

This is an old traditional German cookie recipe

You cannot find these in typical supermarkets! If you want to have them, you have to make them yourself! There are even many people, who don’t know them anymore!!!

they are soooo cute … little bear paws made of merenge, lots of dark chocolate and chopped almond and the typical xmas spices

Your family and friends won’t forget these special cookies and will request them every year

クマの足のクッキー Bärentatzen Bear Paw Cookies

A nice, easy and super fast to make cookie … light, fluffy &  crunchy … it only takes 30 minuts of your time to make them!

It’s a classic macaroon with dark chocolate and chopped almonds

Witwenküsse Widow Kiss ウイドキッス

Ginger cookies

This is a very healthy cookie, which you can eat not only during xmas season.

A lot of fresh ginger, buckwheat and spelt flour, no sugar, only a bit of honey

It is perfect for people with diabetes or gluten intolerance!!!

It’s a nice light & healthy snack, also perfect on your workplac.

A perfect xmas cookie for people, who usually don’t fancy sweet things

Ingwerkekse Ginger Cookies ショウガクッキー

Linz cookies

Yet another healthy, not too sweet and easy to make cookie.

It is perfect for people, who are tired of cutting countless of cookies with tiny cookie cutters … you simply cut the baked cookie plates with a big kitchen knife and in only one minute you have mountains of small diamond shaped cookies

The dough is made of spelt flour, which makes it a perfect cookie for gluten intolerant people

It is filled with fresh cassis jam or, if you like, raspberry or cherry jam, which makes it fresh and not too sweet.

リンツのクッキー Linz Cookies Linzer Kekse

Custard cream is a popular dessert all around the world!

But sadly, mot people buy it instead of making it fresh …. but it is soooo EASY and only takes 15 minutes to have a fresh, warm and super creamy custard cream.

You can eat it warm or cold,

with whipped cream,

topped with chocolate sauce or sprinkles,

on hot baked apples,

use it as a base for strawberry tarts or apple pies,

… on as a filling for doughnuts, cream puffs and eclaires…

Vanillepudding Vanilla Pudding Custard Creme バニラプリン カスタードクリーム

Berliner, Krapfen, Pfannkuchen … there are many words for this super popular, famous and classic German New Year doughtnut … it depends on where you live in Germany.

You can typically fill it with strawberry, raspberry or apricot jam, custard cream (see the recipe above) or chocolate pudding

Typical toppings are melted chocolate, lemon glaze or simply powdered with icing sugar

Raclette is 1 of the 2 most popular dishes for New Year’s Eve

It is the PERFECT dish for CHEESE LOVERS!!!

You melt thick slices of typically raclette cheese and once creamy enough, let is flow over some potatoes or baguette. You can arrange it in what every way you like …

with onions and sweet corn

bacon  and tomatoes

banana, peas, and pineapple

You can prepare it easily in n oven or toast oven as a gratin

If you want a really authentic taste, you should get yourself an electronic Raclette grill (e.g. on Amazon), which you can put on the dining table. You and your guests will have their own small frying pans, which you can fill with what every you like to  … e.g. onions, bacon, sweet corn and a thick slice of cheese… and put it in the grill infront of them.

While everybody waits for their frying pans to be ready to eat, you enjoy all the delicous snacks and side dish on the table around them … e.g. fresh salads, pickles, herb butter baguette, edamame …

That way you can have a perfect New Year’s Eve party, a bit like a japanese takoyaki party, and spend hours with your beloved ones enjoying the last hours of the old year

Raclette ラクレット

Herb butter baguette is yet another German dish, which is very popular and you can eat throughout the whole year!

You can get it anywhere … there is no supermarket, which doesn’t sell it!!!

It’s the perfect side dish

…for a summer bbq or picknick

… with a steak

… a light dinner together with a fresh salad (e.g. the Garden Salad from the recipe below)

I will show you, how to make an incredible herb butter in under 5 minutes!

That herb butter itself is great for seasoning your steak, on a toasted slice of rye bread, on a steaming hot potatoe, grilled mushrooms and lots more!!!

Herb Butter Baguette Kräuterbutter Baguette ハーブバターバゲット

Tomatoe butter baguette …. it’s like the herb butter baguette a great side dish, but not as well known.

Italian herbs, garlic, tomato paste and some secret ingredients … the butter is ready in under 5 minutes!

The butter is also perfect for …

…grilled chicken steaks

… grilled white fish

… used as a pesto with some grilled veggies for your pasta

… on a hot & crunchy fresh toast

Tomatenbutter Baguette Tomato Butter Baguette トマトバターバゲット

This is a very classic recipe with a simple herb vinaigrette.

Fresh sprouts, various veggies, a simple & light vinaigrett … ready!

Countless variations possible.

Light, fresh and healthy.

Gartensalat Garden Salad ガーデンサラダ


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