BBQ Party

Today, I will introduce my barbecue menu and share traditional yet modern and unique recipes. Barbecue is a highly popular traditional activity in Germany, and I have loved it since I was a child. You can enjoy barbecuing anywhere, whether it’s at home, in a park, at a campground, or at the beach. Barbecue brings people together and allows them to enjoy various side dishes, different sausages, and flavorful meat dishes.

Barbecue parties, in particular, are a popular event where everyone brings delicious food to share. My menu includes fruity, juicy, and spiced vegetable and meat dishes. That’s because sausages are essential to German barbecue! Therefore, I have prepared new and delicious sausage recipes.

Another highlight is curry sausage, one of Germany’s most important soul foods. I will introduce various variations so that you can savor the unique taste of this cult dish.

Being born in northern Germany and growing up in an area with two seas, my menu includes whole fish cooked on the grill as a special dish. The fish, filled with delicious spices, offers a distinct flavor.

Lastly, I will introduce a recipe that uses cottage cheese, a variation of the traditional German cheesecake. I believe many people have been looking forward to it, and I hope you enjoy it.

I hope you will be as excited about this barbecue menu as I am. Let’s prepare together and enjoy the diversity of German barbecue culture!

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Homemade green pesto is a simple and delicious sauce that can be made in just 3 minutes. It is made with fresh basil, flavorful Parmesan cheese, and roasted pine nuts to create a fragrant pesto. It is much tastier and healthier than store-bought ones.

The method of making pesto is extremely easy. Just put all the ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth. Homemade pesto has a rich flavor and wonderful freshness, making it a special addition to any dish.

Whether as a pasta sauce, salad dressing, or appetizer, homemade green pesto is always a popular classic. With minimal ingredients and cooking time, you can enjoy a delicious and versatile flavor. Give it a try and discover the difference from store-bought ones! You can also surprise your friends and family by gifting them a jar of homemade pesto.

This lemon pesto dressing pasta salad is a refreshing and delicious alternative to traditional pasta salad. The homemade dressing gives the salad a fresh and fruity flavor. It is perfect as a light snack and also makes an excellent option for a lunchbox on hot summer days. One great thing about it is that you can easily prepare it early in the morning and take it to work as a packed lunch. While pasta salads are popular as side dishes for buffets and barbecues, most of them tend to be heavy and high in calories due to mayonnaise-based dressings. However, this salad is clearly low in calories and stands out with its fruity taste.

Watermelon salad is a delicious combination of juicy and sweet watermelon, salty feta cheese, and refreshing cucumbers. This salad provides ample hydration from both the fruits and vegetables without feeling heavy on the stomach. It’s perfect for hot summer days!

The crisp and refreshing watermelon pairs wonderfully with the salty feta cheese and crunchy cucumbers, creating a light and refreshing flavor. As a result, this salad works great as a side dish for barbecues or can be served alongside a baguette as a main course.

Enjoy this watermelon salad as a refreshing meal and be enchanted by the combination of sweetness and saltiness. It’s an ideal choice for seeking relief from the hot summer days.

The classic cheese salad is enhanced with a mix of colorful bell peppers, making it a beloved dish that many people have known since their childhood. It was always served at special events like barbecues and birthdays as part of the buffet. And the best part is, it can be made in just 10 minutes!

This salad appeals to both children and adults. You can add additional ingredients like corn or boiled eggs, and experiment with different types of cheese to create your own favorite version. Feel free to customize it according to individual preferences.

Homemade herb butter is a versatile condiment that adds delicious flavor to many dishes. By blending fresh herbs and garlic, the butter becomes a tasty and creamy accent. You can spread it on freshly baked warm baguettes, use it on steaks, toast, oven-baked potatoes, or even as a stuffing. Recommended ingredients to use include vegetables like mushrooms.

Using herb butter, you can easily make a delicious side dish called buttered vegetables. Simply sauté the vegetables in butter and add plenty of herb butter for extra flavor. The result is a dish that is aromatic and delicious.

Homemade herb butter is easy to make and brings a special taste to various dishes. I encourage you to give it a try and enjoy the versatility and flavor of homemade herb butter!

Stuffed grilled mushrooms with herb butter are a popular barbecue dish. Especially in Germany, where barbecues are popular in the summer, these delicious mushrooms are highly sought after. With just a few ingredients, you can prepare juicy and flavorful mushrooms.

Grilled mushrooms are also an excellent option for vegetarians who are looking for a tasty alternative to sausages or meat. They are easy to cook and allow you to enjoy the rich flavor and juicy texture of mushrooms.

As a side dish or main course, grilled mushrooms are a delicious option for barbecue parties. They provide a variety of flavors on the grill and offer a flavorful choice for mushroom enthusiasts.

This classic cheese pull-apart bread from the Alpine region is truly delicious. It combines Gruyère cheese, Emmental cheese, ham, fresh spring onions, and hearty rye bread. You can use homemade rye bread (please refer to the recipe from the previous menu) or choose your favorite bread from a bakery.

Fill the bread with these delicious ingredients and bake it. The special part is that anyone can tear off small pieces of melted cheese from the still warm bread. The robust and juicy flavor of rye and sourdough, with a light tanginess, perfectly balances the rich flavors of cheese, ham, and spring onions.

This cheese pull-apart bread is perfect for dinner. When served with a fresh and juicy salad, it becomes a complete meal. It also makes a fantastic addition to buffets or barbecues. And of course, it pairs perfectly with a cold beer, as is fitting for this hearty bread.

Another advantage of this recipe is that you can prepare it in advance and bake it in the oven when your guests arrive. This ensures that the bread is warm, crispy, and even more enjoyable.

Savor this delicious cheese pull-apart bread with your family and loved ones, and savor the taste of the Alps. Whether it’s a relaxing evening at home, a fun buffet, or an outdoor barbecue party, it will be a highlight in any setting.


This BBQ marinade is perfect for a quick barbecue night. With just a few ingredients commonly found in the kitchen, you can make it in just 5 minutes. This marinade pairs well with chicken and pork, keeping the meat juicy and tender during cooking.

Thanks to the inclusion of honey, the marinade has a gentle sweetness that is also popular with children. Not only can you marinate meat with this marinade, but you can also prepare vegetables and delicious chicken skewers for the barbecue. The flavors blend together on the grill, giving the dish a delicious taste.

Enjoy the versatility of this BBQ marinade and give your meat a delicious and juicy flavor. Whether it’s an outdoor barbecue or cooking in a frying pan, this marinade enhances the deliciousness of any dish.


Grilled European Seabass or Seabream is truly a delicious delicacy, with its delicate flavor and crispy skin being its highlights. Not only is this recipe easy to make, but it also offers a sophisticated taste. It’s perfect for summer barbecues or relaxed outdoor dinners. In this recipe, you can also use other fish, such as trout.

Rosemary potatoes are a delicious side dish that can be easily made in the oven. You can even make them in small ovens like a toaster oven. Rosemary potatoes are perfect for various dishes such as roasted chicken, steak, or curry sausages. They taste especially delicious when eaten with sour cream or ketchup and are also a great alternative to french fries. They have a crispy exterior and a creamy, delicious interior.

Krakau-style sausages are traditional German sausages that are captivating due to their unique flavor and diverse uses. Although originally originated from the city of Krakau in Poland, they also have a long-standing tradition in Deutschland.
The history of German Krakau-style sausages dates back several decades. They were first introduced in the 1920s when German butchers brought them back from Poland, and they quickly appeared on the menus of butchers and various stalls in Deutschland. Since then, Krakau-style sausages have become established in Deutschland and gained immense popularity.
The distinctive features of Krakau-style sausages are their rich flavor and hearty taste. Traditionally made from pork, they are seasoned with spices such as garlic, mustard, and paprika. This creates a unique flavor that shines through when boiled or grilled.
In my variation of Krakau-style sausages, I have removed the traditional red color. The traditional red color is achieved through special nitrite salts or smoking, but these ingredients are hard to come by in Japan, so I adjusted the recipe. Instead, my Krakau-style sausages are boiled and then grilled, allowing you to still experience the authentic Krakau-style sausage flavor.
You can enjoy my Krakau-style sausages in the traditional way as delicious hot dog fillings or as accompaniments to various dishes. Their versatility makes them perfect for adding a spicy element to BBQ parties, stews, or gratins. Whichever way you choose, my Krakau-style sausages will undoubtedly bring delight to your table with their unique taste.

Curry Sausage, in german “Currywurst”,  is a legendary dish in Germany’s street food culture. It consists of delicious bratwurst (grilled sausage) covered in spicy curry sauce. Each establishment has its own secret recipe for the sauce, much like ramen shops in Japan. Over time, Currywurst has become a symbol of German cuisine and is highly popular among locals and tourists.

The history of Currywurst dates back to 1949 when Herta Heuer, a native of Berlin, created her unique variation. It is said that she used various spices such as tomato paste, Worcestershire sauce, and curry powder. Her Currywurst quickly gained popularity and spread throughout Germany.

My recipe for Classic Currywurst is a healthier variation compared to many others. While typically ketchup or cola is used, my sauce adds sweetness using only honey. This reduces the calorie content and results in a healthier outcome. However, the taste of the curry sauce remains delicious and can be used in a versatile manner. It complements not only Currywurst but also french fries and grilled chicken skewers. In fact, it can be used like regular ketchup, adding a spicy and exotic flavor to any dish.

Try this healthier version of Currywurst and enjoy its unique taste. Discover the culinary joy brought by Germany’s street food culture.

Variation (1): Raspberry and Chili

In this variation, the fruity and acidic flavor of raspberry combines perfectly with the spiciness of chili. It can be easily made and takes just 10 minutes to complete.

Variation (2): Mango, Ginger, and Chili

In this variation, the creamy sweetness of mango matches exquisitely with the rich flavors of ginger and chili. The sauce is slowly simmered at low temperature, resulting in a creamy texture and intense taste. Both fruity curry sauces go well with other grilled meats. The mango sauce pairs perfectly with honey-barbecue marinated meat, yakitori, or grilled fish. The raspberry sauce is an excellent accompaniment to juicy steaks. Enjoy the appealing fruity and spicy flavors of these modern curry variations!

This Baked Mandarin Cottage Cheese Cheesecake is a special variation of the classic cheesecake. Unlike the typical Japanese cheesecake, this cake is made with cottage cheese instead of cream cheese. This creates a particularly moist texture and a unique flavor.

Another characteristic of this cake is the glossy jelly layer made with mandarin juice, which gives it a beautiful surface. Additionally, the recipe has been adjusted to allow for baking the cake in smaller ovens such as a toaster oven. You can make adorable little cakes using a 15cm or 18cm small pan.

The Baked Mandarin Cottage Cheese Cheesecake is a perfect choice for those seeking a fruity and refreshing variation of the classic cheesecake. The combination of moist cottage cheese, rich mandarin flavor, and the glossy jelly layer will be a true delight for cake lovers.

Watermelon smoothie is a refreshing drink that’s perfect for summer. Not only is it delicious, but it’s also very healthy and low in calories. The combination of juicy watermelon, refreshing cucumber, and fragrant mint brings a light sweetness and a refreshing flavor. This smoothie is great for relaxing on the terrace during barbecues or hot summer afternoons, or enjoying on picnics. It provides a refreshing coolness while replenishing important nutrients. Enjoy this watermelon smoothie as a healthy alternative to sugary drinks. It’s not only tasty but also a great way to beat the summer heat and hydrate your body with essential fluids.


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