German Autumn Dinner - Sour Dough Bread -

It’s autumn. It’s getting colder outside and it’s Thanksgiving season. It’s time of the year with fresh grains from the fields, the most delicious apples, and pumpkins of all kinds.

For this fall menu, I would like to introduce you to a German dinner. I’ve prepared recipes with a variety of breads and rolls and various additional toppings for these. On top of that, we’ll have a healthy Northern German salad and a traditional beef stew soup with lots of flavor for dinner.

And after dinner, I will prepare autumn dessert. For that, warm pumpkin spice lattes, as you probably know from the coffee shop, delicious apple cakes, homemade vegan pumpkin ice cream, and pumpkin pralines are a must.

This menu also happens to be my first class on sour dough! You will learn how to make your own sour dough, how to store and use it. Iwill show you how German sour dough tastes different in different bread recipes, even though the ingredients used for the sour dough are the same in all bread recipes.

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Dough made with rye or whole wheat flour is heavier than dough made with strong flour alone. This is because the yeast is not strong enough to bring the dough to rise. To produce a fluffy bread, it is necessary to use strong sour dough.
On top of that, rye bread has the traditional slightly sour taste thanks to the sour dough.

There are many different kinds of bread in Germany, including white, rye, and black. Among them, the most traditional bread throughout Germany is rye bread.
The recipe I’d like to share with you is a basic recipe and is the most popular of all the rye breads. It is a rye bread made from fresh sourdough, which is sold in all supermarkets and bakeries.

The dough is made with potatoes, which makes it milder, more long-lasting, and juicier than regular rye bread. It is especially delicious with non-sweet toppings. In addition, the rosemary in the dough gives the whole bread a special lovely flavor.

With this recipe, you can easily make one large loaf or eight small bread rolls with the same dough.
The sour dough and lots of seeds make it more flavorful than regular bread and rolls. In addition, the triangular shape of the bread rolls is very beautiful and unique.
The seeds are not only on the top of the bread and bread rolls, but also on the back of the rolls and in the dough. That makes it a pretty healthy bread.

Pumpernickel is a traditional and popular bread, especially in northern Germany and countries in northern Europe, such as Denmark.
It is a very special and unusual recipe for bread in Germany!
There is more rye flour in the dough than in ordinary rye bread. It is also the darkest of all breads. It also has the longest baking time of any German bread recipe at about 14 to 24 hours. The long baking time gives the bread its traditional slightly sweet taste.
Pumpernickel is a very popular souvenir for international tourists because it is often sold in cans and therefore can be easily stored for a very long time without a refrigerator as well as also making it easy to carry in airplane luggage.

Simple white bread rolls without any seeds or sour dough are the most popular bread rolls for Sunday breakfasts, buffets and sandwiches. Everyone loves them, and they can be served with any topping you like, whether it’s sweet or salty. When dry, they can also be used in hamburger dough or for bread crumbs
This recipe is special because you don’t need to knead the dough, just mix it with a spoon. It’s easy and quick to make. If you prepare the dough night before, you can easily bake fresh bread rolls for breakfast in the morning in no time!

This is a very light and fresh bread spread. It goes especially well with rye bread and bread with sour dough. It is also very good as a dip for vegetable sticks.
It is also a common cream at bbq parties when you can enjoy a special breakfast with friends. You can’t find it in regular supermarkets, but you can find it in specialty stores in the farmers market, and it is often homemade.

If you go to any of the farmer’s markets in Germany, there is always a stall selling various types of bread spreads. Whether sweet, salty, spicy, feta cheese, cream cheese, tofu, fruit, vegetable, there are countless recipes. One of the most popular spreads is the date cream.
It is often brought to birthday parties with co-workers or for Sunday breakfast!

When we think of jam, we think of summer fruits and summer flavors such as strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries.
When we think of fall and winter, we think less of jam and more of pumpkin and apple treats, Christmas spices like cinnamon and cloves, nuts and raisins.
With this wonderful baked apple jam, you can spread it on your bread at breakfast and enjoy the full autumn flavor.
It also makes a great Christmas gift!

Eating warm stamina food is very good, especially in the cold season. For this reason, traditional winter recipes are full of spices and meat that will fill you up for a long time and warm you from the inside out.
Soups such as this beef stew soup are popular for fall and winter dinners as they warm the body nicely after a cold rainy day.
Germans like to eat rye bread with this soup. Everyone likes to use the rye bread as a sponge to wipe up the remaining broth in the soup dish.
Small cubes of tender beef, red wine, tomatoes, green peppers, and lots of spices make this soup very tasty.
If you want to serve it in a special way, you can bake mini loaves of bread using the rye bread recipe and scoop them out to use as soup plates.

The island of Sylt is one of the most popular islands in the North Sea in Germany among tourists. This very simple white dressing is sold not only on the island of Sylt, but in supermarkets all over Germany. It is one of the most popular salad dressings.
It can be served with a mixed salad or with a simple leaf salad for a classic look. The key is to top it with fresh croutons made from homemade world champion bread.

In Germany, there are countless recipes for apple cake. There is one with crumble, one with custard cream, and one with cheesecake batter and many others. There is also a choice to bake the apple cake with yeast or baking powder.
This recipe is a very simple and classic recipe. A special recipe for this cake is baking it with a creamy custard topping. Because there are so many apples in the batter, the cake is very light and actually tastes very good even if you are already full. In addition, the apples keep the cake fresh and juicy for many days.

This is a basic spice mix that is used in many fall and Halloween recipes along with the pumpkin cream.
It can also be used for Christmas sweets.

This pumpkin cream is an important base recipe for many fall dishes such as pumpkin pie, pumpkin muffins, pralines, and drinks, and is usually used in combination with the pumpkin spice mix.

My grandmother used to say that no matter how full you are, there is always room for dessert. Especially when it comes to delicious ice cream.
This ice cream is like a cold creamy pumpkin pecan pie.

Plus, this ice cream is 100% vegan and gluten free!

Fall is all about pumpkins and Halloween. This recipe is a very special sweet that will catch the eye at any Halloween party. They are creamy little pralines that symbolize the season perfectly.

Autumn is the season for delicious pumpkin dishes. But it’s not only the season for cooking, it’s also the season for delicious pumpkin spice lattes. With this recipe, you don’t have to wait for Starbucks to offer it again as a seasonal drink for fall, you can make it at home anytime, quickly, easily, and cheaply.


Oct 2021

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  • Traditional Farmer`s Bread & World Champion`s Bread + Rolls: 29 & 30 Oct 2021


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baking: forming the bread and preparing it for the oven; students prepare the dough on their own before the classes start; students bake their bread in the break between the ZOOM baking meeting and the ZOOM discussion meeting

discussion: comparing the baking results with other students; troubleshooting; tips for variations, storage and more


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