German xmas and sweet presents

This is the first of 2 xmas classes in 2020.

The big highlight is the gingerbread house!

This year I’m gonna show you a very easy way, even for beginners, of making a nice little house. I arranged the size, so that you can also use your gingerbread house as a very personal beautiful xmas present.

More than buying a present for xmas, a handmade present shows, how important your friends and family are to you. I want to show you, how you can easily and fast make beautiful, cute and delicious presents … pralines, homemade liquers and more.


When you are going to a typical Xmas market, you usually end up getting something hot to drink, since it’s usually pretty cold outside 🥶🎄
Most people have a classic hot wine, but there are many more drinks to choose from!
Germans also love their eggnog 🥚🎄😍

I used orange peal, orange liqueur, dark rum and lots of heavy cream for my eggnog, which makes it
very creamy,
easy to drink,
rich in flavor
… and absolutely hard to resist 💟💗💟

Its also a nice present idea fir Xmas 🎁 🎄💗

You can have it hot topped with whipped cream or cold on the rocks🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄

How about a nice sweet homemade liqueur as a Xmas present this year ?🤗🍹🎁

Hot baked apple liqueur… only one sip and your heart ❤ switches to full on xmas mode 🎄🎄🎄

Amaretto, Calvados, apple juice, cinnamon and more … yummy 😋 🍹🍎

This is a very creamy light praline made with sour cream and white chocolate 🍫
A sweet little present for Xmas or white day 🎄💗

A couple of years ago I thought in my cooking class, how to make big rum balls with sponge cake.
This year I’m gonna teach in my online lessons, how to make mini rum ball pralines 🎄🍫⭐
A perfect homemade xmas or even valentines day presents! 💝 🎁
Super creamy with a hint of rum and nuts😋

A nice little german macaroon

Mokka … chocolate and coffee flavor

This macaroon is perfect for people, who don’t have any experiences in making macaroons, since you don’t haveany resting time before baking and don’t have to be too carefull when mixing the ingedients with the merengue.

Yet another little sweet xmas cookie🤗🎁🍪🎄
German Rahmkringel

It’s a light sour cream n lemon cookie, which s fast n easy to make. You can use a simple ring cutter for cutting a hole in the middle
Fir your special someone
Use a heart shaped cookie cutter for baking a sweet little love letter 🥰🍪

Not only when making a Gingerbread house you need the traditional spice mix, but for countless cookies, cakes, jam, xmas drinks and more!!…
E.g. plum jam with this spice mix is soooo rich in flavor and you can also use it for an easy xmas hot wine
In Germany during xmas season you can get this Gingerbread spice mix anywhere, but abroad it’s hard to get … so you have to mix it yourself 🤔😔
In my November xmas online cooking class I’m gonna share a very basic easy to make spice mix😊

When hearing about gingerbread, most people think about gingerbread houses. But gingerbread is actually traditionally a dough for xmas cookies 🍪 🎄

Biberle is a traditional cookie from Southern Germany 🇩🇪
It’s filled with creamy marzipan and has a crunchy gingerbread crust😊

There is no easier way of making gingerbread or even bread in general!!😎🍞
No kneading❗
No resting time ❗
Just mix all ingredients with a spoon, put it in a cake pan, bake n glaze … READY🎄⭐🤗

Simply with butter for breakfast or teatime🧇☕

This is this year’s gingerbread house … a classic traditional german xmas decoration 👫🏠🎄
It’s sooo nice to have it at home!
Many small details which bring a smile to your face even after hours of watching it 🥰
… even a little outdoor cooking session with the dwarf and a Fotoshooting 😎📸🍳
You can even light it up in the night 🌙 ⭐ to bring a warm xmas atmosphere to your home 🎄🍬🎁
I prepared a very easy to make n small house, which even beginners can make🤗

In Germany a very traditional xmas dinner for xmas eve is goose or duck.

Duck is the easier and faster option… within less than one hour and without an oven your dinner is ready!!

Best served with a sweet and rich cranberry sauce.

Classic side dishes are red cabbage, herzogin potatoes and brussel sprouts.

This, again, is a very traditional german dish, which is especially im winter very popular!❄
It’s a perfect mach for all kinds of xmas dishes, since it’s seasoned with lots of cinnamon, apples, red wine and raisins…. sooooo delicious 🎄💗🎄

Herzogin potatoes are very classic top class croquettes.
It’s a traditional german sidedish, which we usually don’t have every day, but for special occasions,like xmas dinner or at a restaurant😊🎁🎄

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